Fashion Ideas For a Christmas Party For Real Women

Once winter approaches, everyone starts updating their wardrobes according to the season. Winter is all about outfits that keep you cozy as well as make you look stylized. Going minimalist will not make you stand out this winter and Christmas, but will definitely make you go unnoticed.

Winter is attached with Christmas, an occasion everyone is waiting for. People wear new clothes, buy gifts for each other, cook delicious foods and decorate their homes. Fashion never seems so much important, until you realize that everyone around you is spending loads of money to look extremely fashionable on a particular day, when they have to meet their relatives, colleagues and friends; everyone in a single day.

Getting fashion tips and ideas is just a click away. But then again, one should be aware of their body type, and dress up accordingly, following a particular fashion trend. You cannot always wear what your favourite celebrity is wearing this Christmas, but you can always grab various fashion ideas and can then decide to buy outfits, shoes and accessories that fit you and your personality the best.

This Christmas, to keep the spirit alive, go for greens and reds. Invest in trendy coats, long sweaters, skinny jeans, printed leggings, scarves, knee length skirts, jeans, cardigans, wool head gears, printed socks and gloves and winter boots to look stylized and fashionable. Gone are the days when men and women preferred big sized cardigans and sweaters. This Christmas is all about looking fit and wearing outfits that make you look sleek and fresh.

Black has always been the colour for any occasion. Women and men loved and still love wearing black and dull coloured outfits. But, this time around, go for something brighter. If green and red does not excite you, go for purple, grey and hot pink.

Females should wear a short fur, leather or wool coat over a long fitted sweater or a top. If you choose to wear a long sweater, you can wear printed leggings underneath, along with your favourite knee length boots. If you decide to wear a top, you can wear a knee length skirt underneath, with printed leggings and long winter boots. Do not forget to grab the most important Christmas evening essential, scarf. Once you are all ready, wrap a cashmere scarf or a wool scarf around your neck. Wear accessories that make your Christmas outfit look trendier. You need to invest in cool clutches, belts and jewels that can be worn during the day as well as in the night. Christmas jewel items are available in stores all around you.

This article covers enough about what you wear and how you look; you should equally be concerned about your partners, father, brothers and male friends are wearing this Christmas. Males should wear bright coloured cardigans, along with neutral coloured blazers or a leather jacket. Women can wear jeans underneath and winter boots. They can wear a scarf; it will make them look classy. Males do not have many choices to choose from accessories; therefore, they should wear a designer watch and a brooch, once they are all ready.

All in all, this Christmas, the idea is to choose the right colour, the right cut, the right accessory and the right texture, creating attire that is unique and that enhances your entity.

Blog Your Fashion Ideas

Fashion today has gone to the next level. This is due to the fact that many teenage designers who can’t open up shops have decided to create blogs which they can use to show the whole world what they are made of.

Jane Aldridge who resides in Trophy Club, Texas has made a big impact on the fashion scene by opening up a blog page which she launched at the age of 16. In this exciting Sea of Shores, you will get to see her shopping list, style diary and many more details that will put a smile on your face due to her creativity.

Her mother who lives in Tokyo was once a model and from that expertise, she gained the guts to set up a fashion business in Japan. Although Jane lives an extravagant life, her friends think she is weird because her style is boring from which they can’t put up with her.

Jane is like a role model to many teenage girls because the clothes she puts on are greatly admired because they are so nice. She has a lot of interest in shoes which forced her to put up a collection in her room. Her creativity and sense of style has made her blog popular having more than 70,000 views daily.

Apart from Jane, Tavi Gevinson is another fashion specialist who has achieved a lot while blogging. Many fashion magazines, to mention but a few, Teen Vogue have picked up interest in her.

At the age of 13, Tavi launched her Style Rookie blog on the internet. While going through her site, you will notice that this teenager has some skill at fashion designing.

In the fashion industry, it’s all about portraying the desire for designing clothes which many teenagers have put into practice while working on their blogs.

If you want to stand out of the crowd, make a good selection of clothes that will look so elegant on you.

Fashion Ideas With Wide Leg Jeans

For men and women all over the world, a wide variety of clothing items is available on the market to meet different fashion needs and tastes. One of which is the wide leg jeans also known as baggy pants. This style of jeans is popular among many men as “hip hop” clothing. Many times, it is confused with another jean style called bell bottom jeans. Wide leg pants first became popular around the 1990s while the latter in the 1970s. Unlike bell bottoms, wide leg pants start to widen from the top or near the belt part down to the bottom. Bell bottom jeans start to widen below the knee. Their similarity is the fact that they both are roomy all the way from the top to bottom.

Not only did wide leg jeans become popular among teenagers but among many mothers as well. They were first worn by icons like musicians. A wide selection of various designs added to the popularity of this jean style. Some feature chains, embellishments and graphic designs that many people love. If you want to look trendy and fashionable with the next pair of jeans you will buy, consider opting for this style and surely you will never go wrong. It is important that you primarily take into account the quality of it before deciding to buy. One good thing about this style of pants is that it compliments almost every body type and that it can even make you look skinnier. Do not worry about your weight because this style comes in various sizes especially designed and tailored for slim and even plus- sized persons.

You will even fall in love more deeply with this style because of its versatility. You can wear these jeans almost in all occasions. The only thing you must think about is finding the top that will go well and perfectly with this jean style. Apart from the top, good accessories can also pair with it. If you are on a tight budget, there is nothing at all to worry about. Wide leg jeans can be availed of at very reasonable prices for various styles. Therefore, do not look for any other styles this one is ideal for those who want to have a stylish look. Investing in this style is truly something you will not regret in the end. These days, there are several clothing line companies that offer wide leg pants at different competitive prices and desirable styles and designs.

Another consideration in wearing this jean style is your footwear. It can be paired well with heels or shoes with a height or platform to create a longer and leaner look. A few decades ago, vintage and classic styles of wide leg pants were popular. Now that it is back to the world of fashion, designs are even modified and made better. Wearing this can give you the feeling of being a ramp model who is ready to show off what she’s got and catch the attention of the public.