Great Fashion Ideas For Women

Any savvy woman today knows the importance of dressing well, be it in the workplace or when out running errands and taking the kids to their many events and activities. Women not only want the latest fashions but they also want clothing that is comfortable and affordable. There are many clothing lines that meet all of the requirements of today’s active woman. Karen Kane clothing is one such manufacturer. Karen Kane grew up in Santa Barbara, California and she had an early love affair with clothes. Karen had always aspired to have a career in fashion design so she earned a degree in fashion design and married her husband and business partner, Lonnie in 1979 and they started Karen Kane, Inc.

Twenty-five years later Karen Kane, Inc has grown into a large company that makes and distributes fine clothing around the world. Karen Kane clothing is designed for women who want simple, yet stylish clothing that fit into active lifestyles. The clothing is dressy enough for work and relaxed enough for the weekends and perhaps most importantly, it is affordable. You can choose from a wide variety of clothing ranging from classic cardigans, printed tops and blouses, to Karen Kane jeans and capri pants.

For some of the best shirts, blouses, cardigans, sweaters and vests, Foxcroft is a top brand that offers an outstanding selection of wrinkle free tops for the woman on the go. Not only do Foxcroft blouses look great, but they require little fuss to maintain as there is no need to iron these great looking tops that add a flair to any look. The Foxcroft collection consists of three-quarter sleeve shirts, embroidered shirts, floral camp shirts and many more tops that are not only great looking and comfortable to wear but offer the added benefit of being wrinkle-free.

Another great clothing line for women is Ruby Rd. The 2009 fall collection from Ruby Rd includes the Boho Bazaar, City Chic, Soho Style, Big Game, High Voltage and Mad for Plaid. Ruby Rd clothing is affordable, sensible, fun and highly stylish. There are jackets, blouses, pants, jeans, capris, and twill vest in the Ruby Rd lineup. Every article of clothing Ruby Rd offers was designed not only with style in mind, but comfort as well. Ruby Rd clothing is ideal for the working professional. These clothes make the transition into the weekend smooth and easy.

In light of today’s economic woes, women everywhere are looking for clothing that does not break the bank. It makes little sense to pay a couple of hundred dollars for a top of the line designer blouse for example, when you can shop for Karen Kane, Foxcroft and Ruby Rd clothing and find terrific blouses, as well as a wide variety of other clothing items at greatly lower prices.

Fashion Ideas for Independence Day

So the 4th of July is almost here which means the nations remembrance of Independence Day will be marked with fireworks, barbecues, picnics, family reunions but for some of us it also means fashion combinations of red, white and blue.

But what if you didn’t get that US flag T-shirt that was on sale or that stars and stripe pair of shorts that is now sold out?

Look at the calendar! Only a week left to order something and there is nothing left! OH, this can’t be happening! What to do?

Calm down, we are here to help. A few simple ideas can go a long way to fill in those last minute needs for that beach party or bond fire you are going to without feeling out of place.

US Flag Sunglasses
No matter what you wear a pair of US flag sunglasses always makes a great 4th of July accessory along with giving you the freedom to open up the rest of your outfit to other options. There are several different brands and styles of US Flag sunglasses such as round, oval, heart shape, glitter, metal frame, plastic frame and even peace symbol ones so it really is up to you to select which one works for you.

Wear a white top with blue bottoms or a blue top with white bottom.
OK, this may sound over done but that is because it works! You knock out two of the three colors in one shot, but I know you are thinking, ‘I really didn’t need to read this to figure this out’. Maybe you did, because every time someone says white top it quickly translates to ‘White T-shirt’ and blue bottom to ‘Blue shorts’. Did you stop for a moment and think about switching the colors around if you wanted to be noticed at a party? Remember, the flag is red, white and blue so unless you actually have the flag pattern on your clothes what you need to do is make sure you have all 3 colors on you. So a Blue top with white bottoms kind of covers that without breaking any rules, looks cute and makes sure you stand out of the crowd. Well you could be one of 20 other girls with the white t-shirts and blue denim shorts at that party or you can be that one girl with the cute blue denim shirt and the white denim shorts, it really is up to you.

Use Red Accessories
If you concentrate the use of red to your accessories while allowing white and blue to dominate your clothing you will find it will free up your options. Having red nail polish, red handbag, a red hat, red scarf, red hair pieces, red jewelry, red shoes, or any other red accessories can make a big difference in your outfit while spreading out your patriotic sense of fashion. So what are you waiting for? Make up for lost time and get something together for the 4th of July right now.

Top Fashion Ideas To Know If You Want To Master How To Attract Women

A pretty lady can tell quite a bit about a guy before he even says a word to her. Some women are very good at analyzing non verbal cues, which consist of body language gestures, self-confidence levels, as well as knowledge of fashion from a man. This is why it is worthwhile for you to incorporate a fashionable look while you learn how to attract women, otherwise you are going to find it hard to succeed.

One thing you’ll need to acknowledge before I explain the fashion tips is that different types of women enjoy a variety of different looks on guys. I am going to leave you with thoughts to consider but in the end you need to know the style of fashion that the type of woman you are interested in enjoy. Knowing that offers you an advantage for dressing the part and introducing a touch of subconscious appeal in her. I will list the things I understand to be the most significant aspects of an excellent attire, starting with most important, moving towards the least.

Curiously, shoes are the most critical element to take notice of. A lot of women have a weakness for shoes, which is no surprise. Maybe this has to do with some hidden psychological characteristic? Who honestly knows? The one thing that’s definite though is the fact that quality women will get quite a bit of information about you just by discovering what sort of shoes you have on. Here is the aspect you ought to pay close attention to: the shoes have got to match the context of your location and what you are wearing as a whole. Various shoes are for certain times and certain attires. It’s best to have on good-looking, clean, and proper footwear each and every occasion you venture out in the event you come in contact with an interesting lady.

Next on the list are the pants that you have to wear. Yet again how you wear your pants and how they match the particular scenario will tell an awful lot about you. Most women don’t like sagging pants, nor do they much care for extremely loose-fitting pants. This doesn’t mean that you have to wear your pants way up to your chest or skin-tight though. Your best option will be to wear pants that fit well on your waist and reveal the definition of your butt while not choking you from the hips down. Ideally you’ll want to find brand name jeans when you are dressing in denim. Anything that has a sexy design on the rear pockets will work well. That gives women the thought that you are trendy and appreciate style.

Moving on, you should take notice to the shirts you dress in. This is certainly the place where understanding your kind of woman plays a large part. Various women have a preference for tightly fitted, rock music themed, shirts. Various opt for Abercrombie type dress up shirts, or maybe nice sweaters coupled with vests. The choices are really endless here. The key is to determine the kind of woman you have in mind and do a bit of research online into recent fashion trends for guys. Then simply imitate the shirt styles you observe. If you match the appropriate style with the sort of women that you’re interested in, then you’re set to go. The apparent thing for you to do at this point is to purchase the shirts and use them!

Last of all you’ll want to accessorize. Wear what works with your personality such as wrist watches, rings, ties, hats, necklaces, earrings, or anything else you are able to bring to mind. Accessorizing will help you to be noticeable from a bunch of look-a-likes. This is the easiest method to include personality to your presence as well as to have a certain amount of flare in the way you come across. Now that you are aware of the importance of dressing the part and you also understand ways to put together a suitable outfit, you should be ready to hit the scene and begin turning the heads of eye-catching women wherever you go!